Monday, March 2, 2009

How to improve your health with a detox program

Every day we are becoming more aware of the huge amounts of preservatives in fast foods and processed foods. We read and hear on a daily basis about the dangers associated with these foods and how we should cleanse our bodies from their harmful effects by following a detoxification program.

When a detoxification program is followed it removes toxic substances from our bodies. Detox is more commonly associated as a treatment for drug and alcohol dependence. However, lately body detoxification has also been used as a means of weightloss by incorporating herbs and other natural, organic foods in the program.

Body detoxification is generally associated with fasting but if you you are not careful, a detox done in this way can be harmful to your overall health.

If you are thinking of cleansing your body it would be much more sensible to follow a healthy detox program by eating as many natural foods as you can; this includes fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. You can also eat nuts, sprouts, rice and other grains. Stay away from foods with a high sugar content, junk food and other foods rich in additives and preservatives,

Take in lots of fluids especially water to flush the toxins from your body. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

Before you start a detoxification program, you have to change your mindset about your eating habits and plan your program. You should be able to follow the program for the number of days it is designed for.

Exercise regularly, it need not be strenuous exercises; start slowly with your new exercise routine but do it every day. A daily walk, skipping, yoga or dancing will do wonders for your body.

Turn bath time into spa time. Use a body scrub made from natural ingredients like rock salt and dried citrus peel before showering to improve blood circulation and get rid of dead skin layers.

Regular bowel movements is a must for a healthy body. Fibre-rich foods, water and green tea, as well as natural herbs can help aid bowel movements. When you follow a detox program, it is important not to become constipated as bowel movements get rid of toxic waste that has build up over the years. Cleanse your mind as well by being positive about the detox program and the long term benefits of a new healthy lifestyle.

We have to take care of so many things in our hectic lifestyle, so we owe it to ourselves to take care of our health as well by cleansing our bodies. By following a body detoxification program a few times a year you will soon reap the benefits of not only cleansing your body but investing in your future health.

Successful Weight-loss Pointers

Well we're at it again, trying to honor our promise on New Year's Day to lose weight and tone up those flabby parts. Although the year's still young more than half of our New Year's Resolutioners have strayed from their promise of fitness and or weightloss. The reasons may vary as to why their resolutions have been pushed to the side, one common compliant is difficulty in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Why? It's difficulty to break old HABITS!

For so long we've had a life of overindulgence with the foods that are considered taboo, now we're expecting ourselves to enjoy doing without those favorites with no effort whatsoever. Rather than ease into a new way of eating through gradual elimination of our no no foods we jump in with both feet not expecting any backlash. To our surprise we have reactions ranging from endless cravings,headaches, stomach and intestinal discomforts. Some pointers for being successful this year:

  1. As mentioned above ease into your new eating plans, gradually eliminate forbidden foods from diet. As far as exercise is concern give yourself plenty of time to build your endurance, don't attempt to workout for two hours the first day and you've been sedentary for twenty years.
  2. Set goals that are short term. Instead of setting a long-term goal to lose forty pounds this year, lose four pounds a month.
  3. When you feel anxious and desperate to reach your goal in a hurry remind yourself of past day,week, or month's progress. Losing alot of weight in a hurry leaves little time to adjust lifestyle habits for long-term success.
  4. If you're not able to reach your goals alone join a support group that reflects you. Stop by and peruse their categories of health and fitness surely you'll find a list for a individual like yourself.
  5. Have hobbies and other outside interests so you're sure to get a mental break from your goal. Thinking to much about having to lose forty pounds can depress even the most enthusiastic of persons.
  6. Don't be afraid to take time out of your day to relax your nerves and do nothing but enjoy that moment.
  7. Use you imagination to see yourself after reaching your goal. The more vivid the mind picture the better, doing this will enlist the aid of the subconscious. It has been said that our goals are 10% actual work and 90% mental. So don't be afraid to be child-like in using your imagination to help you reach your goals without sweat and strain.
Always remember, "What the mind can conceived

Friday, February 6, 2009

3 Simple Tips For Weightloss

Every one who thinks he or she is fat would love to lose weight. The only problem is sometimes losing weight means having to do a lot of hard work. Actually there are methods where you don't really need to do so much but you need to be ready and know what it takes to shed off pounds without doing a lot of work.
First of all, you need to write down your goals. By writing your goal, you now have a road map. For example you would like to lose 10 pounds initially. With this in mind, you plan on how you can reach it and what you should do to lose those 10 pounds. Next, you will be asking yourself if you should start walking for 30 minutes or ride a bike.
Next, comes the diet. You need to cut out on bad habits such as eating junk food or snacks in between meals. Include a lot of healthy foods on your diet such as leafy vegetables and fruits that are high in Vitamins and fiber. These would help you control unwanted weight gain.
The third tip for weight loss is time management. This means you need to have time for everything. You should have enough time to cook, do other activities and most especially exercise. Anything about weight loss would require that you be serious about managing time as effectively as you can.
If you can keep these tips in mind, then there should be no reason for you not to start getting rid of that fat.